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Veterinarians are dependent on imaging technology for evaluations and patient management; more than most doctors, in fact, since your patients can’t tell them anything about their pain! You need service company that specializes in x-rays to evaluate, manage and maintain your digital and conventional imaging systems. All Star X-ray wants your radiology department to always operate at its best for the benefit of both you and your patients. We would like to consider ourselves your first line of defense when developing and maintaining a consistent, high-quality diagnostic imaging department. Let us help you help your patients today.

All Star X-ray has experience and expertise in every imaging and radiology area. This provides you with the best possible advice when evaluating your current setup for areas of improvement in image quality and waste reduction, as well as equipment function and service. We cover specialties such as pre-planning, room-layout, shielding reports, equipment consultations, equipment sales, installations, training and service.

Digital radiology systems are now more affordable than ever. If you are considering digital, call us for a free consultation. Our digital imaging specialists can assist you with designing a system that fits both your veterinary practice and your budget. We are not just another imaging vendor; we are radiology experts. That’s what sets us apart. Even in digital radiography, image quality matters. You want a service team that knows how to make your image better, save you time and be there when you need it most. We will give you the information and education required to operate various digital imaging products; you get to make the final decision. Your Image is OUR Business.