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X-ray Equipment Services

X-ray Equipment Consignment Services

All Star X-ray provides consignment-for-sale services. If you are looking to sell your equipment but do not want to deal with the inconvenience of de-installation, storing, marketing and having your work day interrupted, simply contact our sales department to discuss what we can do for you.

  • We de-install, store, re-install and provide warranties to the new buyer
  • Rapid response times to help meet your need for removal
  • Fair market rates

Processor Services

All Star X-ray has a full and independent processor service department serving all of North Central Texas. With four dedicated and highly-experienced processor technicians on our staff, you can be assured that your equipment will be properly maintained in an accurate and timely manner.

  • Highly Experienced in all technical aspects
  • Rapid Response Time
  • Ask about our Guarantee Policy
  • Polite and Professional Customer Service

X Ray Equipment Relocation Services

If you are looking to relocate your office and would like to receive a quote from us, please call 866-381-4079 or complete our contact form.

X Ray Equipment Technical Services

All Star X-ray′s Technical Service Department services a wide range of equipment, which includes all conventional and high-frequency x-ray, mammography, C-arms, computed radiography and digital x-ray equipment. With over 60 years of combined experience on our side, you can be assured that your equipment will be properly serviced.

  • Highly experienced in all technical aspects
  • Rapid response time
  • Polite and professional customer service

Silver Recovery Services

Many Texas cities have implemented restrictions concerning the deposits of silver into the public water supply. For businesses concerned with these and the EPA′s 5 ppm silver discharge regulations, All Star X-ray is offering a service to help our customers to comply with all guidelines.

  • Environmentally sound and economical
  • Efficient, with no parts or components to break down
  • First unit and installation
  • Replacement units
  • Disposal and installation