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Podiatry CR Systems - Computed Radiography Equipment

ImagePilot Sigma

Konica ImagePilot Sigma

The ImagePilot Sigma is an innovative, all-in-one digital radiography imaging system, designed specifically for small practices, including medical and veterinary. This system integrates a complete, yet simple CR imaging workflow solution, making the transition from analog to digital quick and effortless by combining multiple functions into one intuitive, easy-to-use system.

Auto Pilot image processing automates the image optimization process and delivers high quality images every time regardless of the body part, size or type. In addition, the ImagePilot pioneers the true meaning of an integrated digital radiography system as it combines CR acquisition, patient registration, image viewing and storage into one easy to use and maintained system. These advance features of ImagePilot CR eliminates the need for a separate PACS.

For End of Year savings on the ImagePilot Sigma system, please visit our Specials page.

Carestream Vita

Carestream Vita

  • Meets the needs of smaller hospitals, clinics, and private practices with limited budgets.
  • 44+ plates per hours 14 x 17" (50+ plates per hour for smaller cassette sizes)
  • Easily integrates with PACS Pro Image Acquire, MWL and Archive Software packages.
  • Handles extreme environmental conditions and a varitey of applications
  • Internal dongle (i-Button) eliminates loss or damage
  • High-quality images
  • Multiple options available
  • Fits on TI-BA CR Cart for portability
  • See the Carestream Vita in action