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Orthopedic X-ray Equipment

Orthopedic Physicians specialize in the repair and prevention of skeletal breaks, so in-office imaging is essential for the fastest diagnosis and treatment. Whether you prefers digital or conventional radiation technology, we specialize in the sale, evaluation, installation and servicing of imaging systems. Our top priority is to help you perfect your practice in the best interest of your patients.

When it comes to assessing your imaging and radiology departments for any improvements, All Star X-ray has the experience and expertise you need to get the job done. We specialize in pre-planning, room layouts, shielding reports, equipment consultations, equipment sales, installations, training and service of both digital and conventional machinery. For our Texas customers, we also provide the training necessary to certify your employees within the guidelines set by Texas Administrative Code § 143. Think of us as your first line of defense when developing and maintaining your state-of-the-art imaging department.

All-Star X-ray offers free consultations to any orthopedic facility looking to make the switch to digital imaging thanks to a drop in prices. Quality matters, and our team of digital imaging and radiology specialists know how to work with you to find the right equipment for your needs – and that includes your budget. The decision about what machinery you need is up to you. We provide you with all the educational materials necessary to help you make the right choice. No matter what you go with, All-Star X-ray will always be on hand to provide you with all the training and servicing that is essential to keeping your patients safe and healthy.

KDR™ AU System
Advanced U-Arm

KDRTMAU System Advanced U-Arm

The compact, ef cient KDRTM Advanced U-Arm (AU) System from Konica Minolta features an array of advanced design innovations to optimize workflow, increase staff efficiency and improve outcomes, expediting the diagnostic process and elevating the patient experience. That makes it an excellent option for all clinical settings.

CloudDR FRS by Cuattro

CloudDR FRS by Cuattro

The CloudDR FRS by Cuattro is a digital radiography system that is better, affordable and easier to use than the competing X-ray machines. With nearly limitless flexibility to position patients for standing, sitting, horizontal, weight-bearing, and off-axis-angle projects, this machine is a technician and patient's dream.

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