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Family Practice

Family Practice Physicians form their patient’s first line of defense against injury and illness, evaluating and managing care either in-house or through a referral. There is no doubt that patient convenience and satisfaction are improved by the presence of on-site radiography for immediate therapy. Regardless of whether or not you utilize digital or conventional radiology, we’re here to help you tend to all your imaging needs for the good of your practice and your patients.

No matter the need, All-Star X-ray possesses the expertise necessary to conduct evaluations and offer consultations in how to improve image quality, waste reduction, equipment function and inspection and repair. Our specialties include servicing, pre-planning, room layouts, equipment consultations, sales, installation and training.

For our customers in Texas, we are authorized to provide the necessary training certification. This will allow your staff to perform exams in your office as designed by the Texas Administrative Code § 143.

Now that digital radiation equipment is more affordable, more family practices are moving in that direction. We offer free consultations to any medical facility wishing to make the switch; our team of digital imaging specialists will sit down and help you form a plan that meets your practices’ needs exactly. That is why we only employ radiology experts. While you have the final say in what to buy, we’ll provide you with all the information and education necessary to make the right decision every time. Your patients deserve it.

CloudDR FRS by Cuattro

CloudDR FRS by Cuattro

The CloudDR FRS by Cuattro is a digital radiography system that is better, affordable and easier to use than the competing X-ray machines. With nearly limitless flexibility to position patients for standing, sitting, horizontal, weight-bearing, and off-axis-angle projects, this machine is a technician and patient's dream.

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