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Pre-Owned Equipment

TXR 325

TXR 325 D Single Phase Generator

  • Pre-Owned TXR 325 D Single Phase Generator
  • 5 mA Stations, 22 time Stations, 40-125 kVp in 2 kVp increments
  • Digital displays of kVp, mA and mAs
  • Automatic line compensation
  • ETL Listed, UL/CAN/CSA/FDA
  • Warranty: 6 months Parts and Labor, Option to upgrade to 1 year

*Sale cost does not include tax and installation fees


OPTIMA URS by Sedecal

Optima URS is a universal swivel arm X-ray system. It is easy to operate and permits a swift radiographic procedure, a feature that applies to all conventional exposure techniques on all parts of the body. The system is composed of a floor-to-wall column and a turn able arm with variable height center. It allows taking exposures of patents in standing, sitting or laying position.