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C-arm Equipment

Del Medical C-Arm

Del Medical C-Arm

High Performance Surgical System with Digital Imaging Management

A compact, light-weight and high performance surgical C-arm with integrated triple field image intensifier, digital camera and rotating anode X-ray tube for longer fluoro studies. The high frequency generator produces outstanding image quality with high resolution and contrast while reducing patient and operator radiation dosage.

Key Features:

  • Easy and efficient workflow
  • High resolution CCD camera
  • 12kW high frequency generator
  • Large diameter C-Arm
  • Pulsed fluoroscopy for dose reduction
  • Boost fluoroscopy (20mA)
  • ABS control
  • Cine loop function
  • Longer fluoro time, superior heat capacity
OEC 9800 Remanufactured C-Arm

OEC 9800 Remanufactured C-Arm

The OEC 9800 Plus is the gold standard in mobile fluoroscopy applications and innovative X-ray imaging technology. Built on the leadership and experience of thousands of systems installed world-wide, GE has set the standard in mobile C-arm imaging with the OEC 9800 Plus.

  • True 1k2 high resolution imaging technology on amobile system.
  • Featuring our proprietary Image I.Q. founcompromised image quality.
  • Enhanced mechanical design, ideal for a wide range of applications.
  • Simple user interface reduces procedure time to improve efficiency.
  • Superb image quality improves surgical outcomes.
  • Highest image quality at the lowest possible dose.
OEC 9600 Remanufactured C-Arm

OEC 9600 Remanufactured C-Arm

Remanufactured OEC 9600 C-arms from Huestis Medical offer excellent imaging results at a remarkable price. Even more remarkable is our ability to deliver performance and safety features guaranteed to meet or exceed original manufacturer’s specification. Thoroughly remanufactured, our OEC 9600 C-arms are offered with new and upgraded imaging components. We disassemble, mechanically restore, refinish, calibrate and pre-stage each C-arm prior to delivery. Our full line of OEC C-arms offers imaging excellence – at about half the price of new!