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Film Processors

AFP Mini-Medical/90

AFP Mini-Medical/90

The World’s Most Popular Compact X-Ray Film Processor

Mini-Medical is the perfect choice for small offices, clinics, Compact, reliable and easy to use, the ‘Mini-Medical’ has everything you’ll ever want and need in one stand-alone package.

  • High Diagnostic Quality
  • Low Maintenance
  • Fast and Versatile
  • Loaded with Features
  • Built-in quality control indicators
  • Automatic Chemical Replenisher
  • No Plumbing Necessary
  • Automatic Wash Water Control
  • Infrared Dryer
  • Space Saving Size
  • Reliable Efficiency
  • Easy to Use, easy to install
  • Easy to maintain, backed by the industry’s most comprehensive warranty
AX 200 Series

AX 200 Series

  • Small footprint and quiet operation allow efficient use in any location where space is at a premium.
  • One circuit board controls all operations
  • Designed to provide continuous operation with minimum downtime
  • Easy operation and maintenance
  • Equipped with jog cycle and anti-crystallization mechanisms
  • Air gap in incoming water line to eliminate backflow into the water system
  • Unit frame and tanks are made from molded plastic to eliminate points of corrosion